The curtain rises and five races take the stage. Choose your species and set your fate in motion. The origins of these races is written, their foundation has been lain, but where they go from here is up to you. As you and your crew develop your ship, negotiate with others, and build your society, the story will follow. Your character will be written into the game and the history of the universe. Follow the doings of your fellow explorers and see how the changes play out that you started in our integrated online metagame.


Choose your race carefully as it will be your primary alliance in space. Will your race reign triumphant, or be beaten into submission? Will your people control the economy or eek by on next to nothing? Each race has its own particular strengths and weaknesses. Will you be a Davul warrior or a swift Zurna? Will you master the sciences as an Udu or organic engineering as a Santoor? Or will you stick with the familiar and be a well-rounded human? Oh, and be on the lookout for the Unknown. More races may still await.

That is all well and good. What about griefers though?

We have a very fair and reasonable ban policy. So I don't think griefers are an issue. Also, having no "Pay to Win" solves a lot of griefing issues.

Wait.. Did you say no pay to win?

Correct. None at all.

So how do you make money at this?

Through the generous direct donations and our Patreons. There are features in the game (NPC Companions, Special cosmetic items, etc.) that people who donate are able to show off (including a leaderboard of the highest supporters), but we will never, EVER give any kind of in-game advantage to someone who gives us money over someone who doesn't.

Besides that, we have things like T-Shirts planned and various other things in the works. So don't worry about us. We hopefully will make enough to help fund the cost of the server and new assets being generated for the game.

What are some stats about the game?

Well, we have a stats page that shows some stats. Got an idea for some other stats you would like to see? Feel free to contact us about it.

Cool. So I have an idea for the game.

Fantastic. Without people telling us what they want to do, how can we make sure we are making a game people want to play? Send your idea to and we will get back to you ASAP. No.. Seriously. We will. Even if we don't like the idea, we will contact you and explain why and perhaps together, we can figure out a way to make it work in the game. That's the GM "Hands off" policy at work.

Too long, didn't read

  • A persistent universe filled with galaxies for an almost limitless universe to explore.
  • Detailed characters which improve as you play.
  • Dynamic faction system. Want to make peace with a race? Act like it.
  • HUGE history of the universe, all player created.
  • GM "Hands Off" policy. The players make the story, not the staff.
  • Why are you still reading this? Get in here and start playing!