Current Ban Policy

By playing, you agree to this ban policy.

  1. All bans are my decision alone. I'm captain of this ship and therefore, all final decisions are mine when it comes to this. I may seek council with my crew (the other players), but at the end of the day, it's my responsibility.
  2. You are not eligible for any kind of refund once you have been banned from here.
  3. All cases are judged on a case by case basis by me. If I haven't banned someone who seems like they should be, you can bring it to my attention. But if you do and I say I'm aware of it, please respect that I have not made the decision to ban them for some reason I might not explain.
  4. Any type of action I deem as harassment of players (or myself), I will consider for a ban. I will NOT consider banning someone for IC harassment (unless it's clearly motivated by OOC reasons).
  5. Any kind of cheating where you knowingly cheated and/or lied about cheating to me is consideration for a ban.