What is the "Hands Off" policy

In short, the Hands off policy means that we will not interfere with player run plot lines, but instead make sure that their plans can be realized if they are smart enough.

Can you expand on that please?

Sure. The policy is how I make sure that the staff here at 5th Wall Gaming (and myself) don't go ego tripping in the game and make changes to it the players don't want. We do this by only designing systems in the game and not plot lines. Now, that isn't to say we don't have seeds out there for various plot lines we would like to spring up, just that ultimately, it's up to the players themselves to decide if they want to follow that thread or not. By doing so, the power of where this goes is in the players hands. Us staff are simply along for the ride keeping the motor running in the car. :)

Ok. So what are the details about the policy?

  • Create a living, breathing history of the game generated by players themselves.
  • Keep developing new systems that the players want (and that are fair).
  • Do not have any kind of "Pay to Win" in the game.