Hi there. Just a few notes you should be aware of before you make an account.
  • We are currently not accepting any new accounts due to the project being put on hold indeffently.
  • If you lost your password, then please contact to get your password reset. Please be prepared to validate that it's actually you who owns the account (sending the request from the same email you registered with is the best way to do this).
  • This game is in Alpha. Errors may will occur and things may will change. Note that Alpha means we are introducing new base features to the game and therefore, you may end up losing work you did here. This will try to be avoided, but I can not promise that it won't happen.
  • Making more then one character on here is not permitted. We do this because this is a game about different races and some have secrets they want to keep. Having more then one character at a time defeats that purpose. Meta-gaming like this will lead to you being blocked from the game.

So, have fun and enjoy the only game I know of where the players make world changing actions. :)